The Plasma Sphere BBS

300-33600 bps modem - 01925 757920

The Largest Acorn Support BBS in the North of England

Supporting speeds 300-33600 bps, two lines, online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
Online support for Acorn, ArmBBS, FidoNet, Arc-Binkley, ARCbbs and much
more in its 8500+ file filebase and message base!

Now with telnet access!
Telnet to to log in

Acorn BBS Listing online
Look at the Acorn BBS Listing online!

Software for download!
[*]Award winning ArmBBS. Version 0.69 is now available! See the ArmBBS page!
[*]Arc-Binkley 2.19 Test32 full archive is available! See the Arc-Binkley directory!
[*]ARCHmail 1.36 is now StrongARM compliant with Spark 2.25 - Download it!
[*]Download - CacheAfter - my quick hack to help run non-desktop games and applications that need the cache turned off on StrongARM only whilst loading.
[*]FileXfer 1.04 - Fidonet file transfer/request utility - Download it!

Items for sale!

[*]CC Scanlight podule + disk, looks brand new, no scanner though(!), £7.
[*]Clares Virtualise, £5, TBAFS, £5, VRML Eyes + VRML manuals, £5
[*]Acorn AKA25 ethernet 10Mbps network cards (BNC/AUI) £5 each
[*]Old Acorn A310 (4MB RAM, SCSI card, unchecked but need space), £15
[*]4MB 72 pin SIMMS EDO 60ns, RARE, £5 for 4 (16MB)

If you're interested in any of the above - email me - keith at


Some (VERY) old piccies of me (from 1997), my budgie and where I live can be seen here!
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